It's curtains for you!

Work In Progress / 14 September 2021

Working on cloth simulations in Maya for the curtains in my scene. I didn't realize quite how long it would take but I now have a fairly acceptable base curtain for my scene in Unreal. Now I'm thinking how to shade it so that it has a gossamer quality.

I also added in some point lights to the interior so that I could start seeing a little of the hanging lanterns in the scene. I want to model them out but more important right now is to get the materials and the vegetation in. Specifically, need to put in time on making the material for the roof in Substance. Not entirely sure how it will tile so I'll need to start out really basic.

I'm also struggling on the crates a bit. I'll get there.

You can see the curtains in engine below.

Hey, Adam, I didn't get a chance to take shots of my asset gym yet. It's on the list.